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About Us

Welcome to the website of Art & Illusion.

I'm Leonie Brown and Art & Illusion was originally formed in 2003. Working from home in North Brisbane, I turned my passion into a business, selling quality handmade mosaics at local markets & selected gift stores.  

Upon moving to Shanghai, China in 2005, I quickly began teaching my craft to expat families at local community centres and schools. Leaving a trail of mosaic addicts behind me, I am now back in Queensland and have relocated to The Sunshine Coast. Here, I intend to re-create and rebuild my business.

Recycling has always been important to me and mosaic is a great way to upcycle and recycle many different medias which would otherwise be thrown away. I am equally delighted to be able to 're-use' broken pieces of antique china, collected for me from old tip sites that remain in Brisbane.

The uniqueness of my work, depends upon the availability of media used and even more so with the English and antique china creations. You may find some mosaics similar in appearance, but you will never find two pieces exactly the same. These are all one-of items and will not be replicated. Thus giving the owner of one of my mosaics, a truly original one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Please enjoy perusing my web site and by all means leave a comment on my guest book page or 'like' Art and Illusion - Handmade Mosaic on facebook.

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