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October 2012
Susanne's gorgeous mosaic house number
She is in no way afraid of colour and it looks great!  Well done Susanne!
June school holiday class
Marina, Olivia and Lily enjoyed their mosaic class these school holidays.  How cool are their initials...great work girls
Hiromi was also back for a second round of mosaic     re-creating her 'relax' sign with china
another great job Hiromi
May 2012 mosaic class 
with Lexeen and Hiromi
Both ladies were first-timers to mosaic and picked it up very quickly.  Their completed breakfast trays (below) definitely look like they have mosaiced before.......Fabulous job ladies.  It was a pleasure to teach you both. 
September 2011 Mosaic Artists...
Jon, Simone and Maddy enjoyed their recent class with Leonie. 
(click picture for a larger image) 
A family affair, this one and again lots of enjoyment had by all.
Maddy chose a horse for her serving tray, Simone went with shades of green with her flower pot and Jon created a magnificent peacock which took a little longer than expected but not a problem as Jon took his grout with him to finish at home.
Well done guys, be proud of your masterpiece creations.....its hard to believe you've never made a mosaic before !       
May 2011 Mosaic Class...
Pam, Yvonne & Karen -engrossed in their mosaic projectPam with her finish photo frame. Pam used china and gems to create her masterpieceKaren chose a dragon for her first project and Yvonne brought along her own creative serving tray to get some tips and ideas from Leonie
Pam, Yvonne & Karen recently attended another successful mosaic workshop.
Pam created a beautiful photo frame using china and gems.
Karen chose a dragonfly as her first mosaic project & Yvonne brought her own serving tray creation to get tips and ideas from Leonie.
Absent from the photos but who also attended and brought along her own serving tray project to complete was Runi.
Lovely ladies, newly discovered talent & wonderful creations
Well done to you all!
Easter 2011 Mosaic Classes....
Vino & Dush, first time mosaic artists, were surprised at how easy & how much fun it was making their own mosaic. 
Both were thrilled with their finished creations & I have a feeling they will be back for more.........
Ingrid, a budding young mosaic artist herself, came along to see if she could learn a few more tips from Leonie when she made her plant pot over the Easter break.....
If you are interested in attending a mosaic class,
Call Leonie on 0438 795 659, or email Leonie at
Class dates & times can be arranged on enquiry.   
Mosaic Classes
While living overseas, I found my classes to be very much in demand for both children and adults. 
The joy and excitement I brought to people's lives from such a simple thing, teaching my craft, gave me a great sense of achievement and inspired me to carry on with my business once returning to Queensland.
I have met many wonderful new friends through mosaic and I would like to share photos of their creations and their words that have inspired me.
Please scroll down further for Sunshine Coast Mosaic Class information.
Current Classes For Adults
If you are interested in learning how to mosaic and can get a group of 2 or more friends together, then contact Leonie to book a day & time to make your very own mosaic artwork.
One class is made up of 2 separate sessions. The first session is 2-3hrs & the 2nd session of 1hr on a consecutive day or week, depending on available schedules.  
Costs start at $65 per adult (18yrs+) plus costs for mosaic project.  Prices will vary depending on the size and type of mosaic being made. This will be discussed at the time of making a booking.
In this option, all materials are supplied.
Classes can also be arranged if you have your own mosaic media ie; glass, china tiles or gems, and want to learn how to cut and put everything together to make your own creative mosaic artwork.
Initial cost $65.  Extra supply costs will be calculated once a booking has been made.
Classes for Mums & Dads & kids
Under the same principles as above, classes for adults & below, classes for children, parents can book a mosaic class for themselves and their children to work on their own creations in the same class.
Current Classes For Children
If your child (7+), is interested in learning how to mosaic & can get 2 or more friends to also attend, you can contact Leonie to come & have fun learning a new craft.  Not only that, after 2 sessions you can take your creation home.
One class is made up of 2 separate sessions.  The first session is 1-2hrs & the 2nd session of 1hr on a consecutive day or week depending on available schedules.
Costs start at $45 per child (7-17yrs) plus cost of mosaic project.  Prices will vary depending on the size and type of mosaic being made. This will be discussed at the time of booking.
All materials are included in the price.
Averil, Meg & Georgia recently attended one of my holiday mosaic classes, pictured here holding their fabulous mosaic creations.
Thanks guys it was a pleasure to teach you.
If you are interested in attending a mosaic class,
Call Leonie on 0438 795 659 or (07) 5476 5368
Email Leonie at
*note to parents.  For health & safety and insurance reasons Leonie cannot teach children under the age of 7yrs.  In addition, a waiver of any injuries while attending a mosaic class needs to be signed before the class commences.
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